This is the Weekly Desk Planner!

Printed on front and back. Holes for storing each sheet in your ring binder. 
There is a block with sticky notes.
3 languages. Dimensions: 40,5×29,7cm.


Printed on front and back

Once the sheet is folded, you can look at the main weekly events on the back and save them in the ring folder. There are holes on every sheet to archive your past weeks and find your memories again. A big advantage!


Inclusive calendar 2021

We are professionals in this industry and assure you of an excellent quality of the product. We take over the graphic and product design personally.

We personally oversee the production and packaging of our trusted suppliers. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Holes for storing each sheet in your ring binder.

Through the holes you can keep the notes of each week in a folder. Fold the paper according to the instructions, then you will see the printed areas in which you can specify the important events of the archived week.

Easily find the archived weeks

Once you have placed the sheets in the ring binder, you can see the archived weekdays thanks to the visible labels.

3 languages

The calendar is accompanied by an illustrated cover. Original and effective, so this product is perfect as a gift for your friends and colleagues, even for foreigners. The planner is written in three languages. Italian, English and German.


Calendar 2021

In addition, on the back of the cover you will find the 2021 calender

Time management according to the Pomodoro Technique

Here are the circles from the Pomodoro Technique. Circles must be colored every half hour of the day, helping you manage time and achieve your goals.

Designed and printed in Italy. The weekly planner is printed on the front and on the back: the front page is colorful while the back is decorated in elegant shades of gray. We have used a thicker quality paper than other products as this block will have to accompany you for a whole year